Friday, September 4, 2015

Label for Mosaic Lighthouse Quilt

I got the label done.  My sewing/embroidery machine is the Bernina Artista 180, and it has its drawbacks for a large piece of embroidery such as this:  I must enter each line separately into memory, the screen is in black and white, and it isn't large enough or accurate enough that I can precisely place wording and items where I want them.  The screen didn't show the letters and numerals overlapping the flower-and-leaf design, for instance.  I have no idea why it suddenly moved the hoop down half a line for the word 'Nebraska', and of course it was the last word on the design.  I'm certainly not going to redo it!  This is doubtless a very good argument for the new Bernina 780, don't you think?

All that being said... here is the label:

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