Monday, October 18, 2021

Scrappy Time in the Sunshine

 Before shipping off Linda's Scrappy Time quilt this afternoon, I took some pictures of it on the back deck.

Yep, it's windy.

Saturday, October 16, 2021

Linda's Scrappy Time Quilt

Tonight I finished quilting my customer's Scrappy Time quilt.  It measures 96" x 112" (there's quite a bit of this king-sized quilt draped on the other side of that twin-sized bed).  There is light turquoise 40-weight Omni poly-wrapped poly thread on top, and cobalt blue 40-weight Signature cotton thread in the bobbin.  The pantograph is called 'A Little Bit This' by Barbara Becker.



Friday, October 15, 2021

Quilting Linda's Scrappy Time Quilt

I have begun quilting my customer's Scrappy Time quilt, and have made it to the halfway point. It measures 96" x 112". I'm using light turquoise 40-weight Omni poly-wrapped poly thread on top, and cobalt blue 40-weight Signature cotton thread in the bobbin.  It sure takes a lot more bobbins when I'm using 40-weight thread, as opposed to the usual 60-weight Bottom Line thread! -- but this thread matched perfectly, and that's what's important.  The pantograph is called 'A Little Bit This' by Barbara Becker. 

At ten after five this afternoon, the sun dimmed a bit and I glanced out the window.  Over the hill to the northwest, a raincloud was spilling its moisture all over the valley.  I trotted downstairs with my camera, walked out on the porch to take pictures -- and Tiger trottity-trotted right along with me.  If I went down the porch steps, Tiger came down them after me.  If I went back up those steps, Tiger clambered up the steps after me, even though it's something of a struggle for the poor ol' arthritic kitty.  I gave him a treat for his lovableness. 

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Bobbin Tension Screws

 My bobbin tension screws arrived today from Handi Quilter in North Salt Lake, Utah.  I happily ripped open the padded envelope, took a look, and thought, Aarrgghh, they’re way too small; they sent the wrong ones.  Nevertheless, I decided to give it a try – and whataya know, I was wrong.  They are the right size.  Wow, no wonder I couldn’t find it when it fell out. 

Shellie's Fairy Forest Pillow Sham

 I just finished my customer's Fairy Forest pillow sham, which matches the Fairy Forest quilt I quilted Friday.  There's bright white 40-weight Omni thread on top, and natural white 60-weight Bottom Line in the bobbin.  The batting is Hobbs Heirloom cotton.  The pantograph is 'Adore', by Patricia E. Ritter and Tracey Russell.  The sham measures 22" x 26.5".  I've posted another photo of the quilt (57" x 81"), too.

Sunday, October 10, 2021

Shellie's Mighty Jungle Quilt

My customer's Mighty Jungle quilt is finished.   On the top of the quilt I used 40-weight G├╝termann Tuskegee grey thread that perfectly matches the background of the first border, and, in the bobbin, 60-weight Bottom Line in a color called ‘Statue’ that’s almost exactly the same color as the G├╝termann thread.  The quilt measures 47" x 47".  The pantograph is 'Bohemian Leaves'.