Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Pieced Border on Amazing Grace Quilt

I've finished the pieced border on the Amazing Grace quilt.  There are three more borders to do -- a narrow, a wide, and another narrow.  But I won't get them done until next week -- because in the morning, we are leaving on a little three-day vacation in the Sandhills.


  1. Hi Sarah Lynn. I really love your borders. Would you mind sharing how you do them?
    Thank you

    1. Thank you, Sandra! Sorry it has taken me so long to answer; we've been out in the Nebraska Sandhills having a little vacation.

      I used EQ7 to design the borders... just kept adding them... changing the width... putting in diamonds and triangles... until I had it the way I wanted it.

      First, of course, I made the center the size of my panel. Then I added a one-inch border... then a six-inch border, and chose 'Big & Little Points Out' for the style. I decided on 5 big triangles top and bottom, 9 big triangles on the sides, just adding and subtracting and playing around until I like the look of it.

      Next, a half-inch border... then a three-and-a-half-inch border... and finally another one-inch border.

      I'm doing that final one-inch border right now, this very moment. :-) Then I'll load it on my frame and quilt it... bind it... and be done. Reckon I can get it done by October 13th?? Only 5 more days!