Friday, January 6, 2017

Norma with Her Quilt

Here's Norma, my sweet mother-in-law, with her quilt last Saturday; Larry is helping her hold it up.

Buoyant Blossoms Borders and Sashings

Finally, the final installment!  This is for the sashings and borders of the Buoyant Blossoms large personal throw.  The pattern will be free for one month.

Here is the link to Google Drive:
Buoyant Blossoms Borders & Sashings

Link to the pattern at my Craftsy store:
Buoyant Blossoms Borders, Craftsy

Link to the pattern on Etsy (20¢ is the lowest they allow any listing):
Buoyant Blossoms Borders, Etsy

I hope you send me photos of your blocks and quilt!  Here is my email address:

,,,>^..^<,,,       Sarah Lynn       ,,,>^..^<,,,

Friday, December 9, 2016

Customer's Noah's Ark Quilt, Finished

I finished my customer's Noah's Ark quilt tonight.  It's hand-embroidered, and is for her first grandbaby.

This is the backing.

Customer's Noah's Ark Baby Quilt

I'm getting close to the halfway point on my customer's Noah's Ark that she made for her first grandchild.  The embroidery is done by hand.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

BOM Pansy Appliqué Block for Buoyant Blossoms Quilt

Pansy Appliqué Block
for the Buoyant Blossoms Quilt
Block of the Month
December 2016

This is the last flower block!

Here it is, quilted:

You can download the pdf pattern file from Google Drive:

You may also download it from Craftsy or Etsy: