Thursday, June 21, 2018

New Fabric from Marshall Dry Goods

A few days ago, I ordered from Marshall Dry Goods all the fabric (and then some) that I will need for Jeremy and Lydia's quilt that I plan to make after I finish the Sunbonnet Sue quilt.  I got 59 different one-yard pieces of tone-on-tone in whites and creams and 11 yards of this fabric called 'Early Elegance':

Maybe I'll use that for the backing for the quilt.  

That's 70 yards of fabric at $3.99/yd.  Quite a lot to spend on fabric, all at once... but I haven't bought more than a yard or two (except for the white-on-white background fabric for Dorcas' Baskets of Lilies quilt) since I purchased the fabric for the Mosaic Lighthouse quilt, way back in... hmmm... ((looking at my journals))  Wow!!  That was in May of 2013!  Hard to believe it's been that long.

I had quite a bit of that fabric left over, and used it again and again in subsequent quilts, so it was money well spent.  Plus, I got most of it on sale for $5.99.

I have a very small stash of quilting cottons, with practically no whites and creams whatsoever, so this just-ordered fabric will come in handy.

Here's a picture of the Feathered Fans pattern I plan to use for Jeremy and Lydia's king-sized quilt (this picture from the front of the pattern envelope is a small throw):

I got it at the AQS Quilt Show in Grand Rapids, Michigan, in 2013.  First big quilt show I'd ever gone to.  And that pattern was the only thing I bought there.

I'm going to add lots of lace and silk ribbon embroidery to this quilt.  And I need to get some very, very pale pastel dye markers for that ribbon.  I'll probably revamp the pattern a bit, maybe using EQ8 to redo the borders and suchlike.  Those corners!  They didn't even intend to match them, I don't believe.

I liked that pattern better when I bought it back in 2013 than I do now.  I'd better hurry up and make it, before I dislike it!  😄  Well... EQ8 will help me out.  I won't start cutting until I have a pattern I really like.

I know I'll have to plan out the colorways of these tone-on-tone creams vs. whites carefully.  I want elegant, not blah.  Haven't yet decided if the Feathered Fans will be cream and the background white, or vice versa.  I guess, if I don't like the way it turns out, I can always jazz it up with the quilting thread colors.  And the ribbon embroidery and lace will change it considerably, too.  

But first, I must finish the Americana Eagle quilt (it's ready for binding), then I have 4 customer quilts, and then I will put together the vintage Sunbonnet Sue blocks.

Time's a-wastin'!

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Central Panel of Americana Eagle Done

The central panel of the Americana Eagle quilt is all quilted, and there are only a few bottom borders to go.

Friday, June 15, 2018

The Eagle Is Quilted

Just a little more quilting on the background... then the lower borders...

Tiger very much enjoys the rag rug I made recently.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Two-Thirds Done with Americana Eagle Quilt

I'm ready to start outlining the eagle's head, which means I'm about 2/3 of the way done.

Look what I found peeping out from under the batting when I rolled the quilt forward:

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Well Into the Second Half of the Americana Eagle Quilt

(Yes, I spotted the little spot I forgot to quilt, and went back and fixed it.)

See what's camped out under my quilting frame?