Friday, April 22, 2011

Springtime Star Point

When deciding on color layout and order, it is helpful to take some photos and then change them to black and white.  In this way, one can organize pieces by tone, which is an important aspect of coordinating colors on any quilt.  Sometimes colors fool the eye, and what appears dark (or light) isn't so dark (or light) after all, when viewed in black and white.

So these are the trial arrangements -- and the last one is the one I chose:

Friday, April 15, 2011

Fishy Centerpieces

Here's a set of quilted potholders with a strip of fish-printed fabric.  Fabric printed with fish.  Fish fabric.  Fabric fish.  ?

Anyway, something fishy!  And potholdery. 

I started sewing... and it wasn’t long before the potholders began looking more like placemats, or table toppers or centerpieces, and a lot less like potholders.  I didn’t actually intend to do that when I started, but, you see, the strips of fish-printed fabric were 18 inches long, and I hated to cut them, so I simply built quilt blocks around them.  I just can’t keep my projects small and simple!  Those strips with the fish print were leftover from the panel quilt I made Andrew.

A friend ordered them to give her husband, who loves to fish, for his birthday.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Trip Around the World Block

This evening, I sewed a quilt block for a lady who is going to give it to another lady who is collecting blocks from a group of ladies.  Lady #2 will put them all together, quilt it and bind it, and send it to Lady #3 and her husband as a gift.  This pattern is called “Trip Around the World”.