Saturday, August 29, 2015

Lighthouse Keeper's Door is Embroidered

Tonight I had to interrupt the embroidery momentarily when my sister called to tell me there was a 'Sturgeon Moon' (sometimes called 'Supermoon') coming up.  I rushed out and got a shot or two.  It's not very good... a little blurry.  I should've set the camera on 'Timer', so that my finger didn't cause vibration when I pressed the shutter button.  By the time I downloaded my pictures to my computer, the moon was quite a bit higher in the sky, so I didn't bother trying again.  But the moon will be extra close to the earth a couple more times this fall, so maybe I'll get another chance.

The embroidery on the fence is done, and I've started on the lighthouse keeper's house.  Only the door is done so far, and it looks much better, less of a mishmash and more of a door.

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