Sunday, July 23, 2017

Victoria's Tumbling Blocks Quilt Finished

'Duckling and Bubbles' pantograph

Of course, Teensy always has to come see what I'm doing...

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Victoria's Tumbling Blocks Quilt Top

About 3 ½ years ago, Victoria started making a Tumbling Blocks quilt.  It was pink and green, and she planned to give it to her sister Lydia if her new baby was a girl.  But Lydia had the audacity to have a boy -- and the Tumbling Blocks quilt project stalled.

Well, Kurt and Victoria are now expecting a baby girl, and I, disliking half-finished projects, am finishing the quilt for their baby.

Problem:  the block tops were cut from the same fabric as the background, and thus blended in and foiled the effect of the blocks.  Letraset Promarkers to the rescue!  I first painted Bubble Jet Set 2000 onto the patches I planned to dye, let it dry, then used a light pink Promarker on them.  

It's ready to load on my frame for quilting now.

Here are before and after pictures:

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Customer's Crisscross Quilt Finished and Off the Frame

Today I removed all the markings, clipped any wayward threads, then trimmed and removed the quilt from the frame.  After taking pictures of it, I shipped it off to my customer.  She will put the binding on it.

And by the way, for anyone who thinks this quilt has been 'quilted to cardboard', as they say, it actually is quite soft and drapes very nicely.

Quilt back

Folded and ready to be put into a box.

Quilting Finished on Customer's Quilt

Quilting is finished on my customer's quilt.  Tomorrow I'll remove the markings, trim it, take it off the frame, and take pictures of it.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Last Row, Customer's Quilt

I'm on the last row of my customer's quilt.  I've just started on the elongated green hexagons.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Three-Quarters Done with My Customer's Quilt

I rolled the quilt forward just before quitting for the night -- and the final border came into sight on the front bar.  The end is in view!

Now, you might think that these pictures look just like pictures from yesterday... the day before... the day before that... and the day before that.  But if you had been the one curling freehand asymmetrical feathers around those elongated hexagons and small squares, you'd know that each and every curl is different, and each and every plume has its very own personality.