Thursday, September 10, 2015

Iris Appliqué

I have been invited to show my Graceful Garden quilt to a quilting group Monday, September 14, give a tutorial on my appliqué method, and present a trunk show of my quilted items.  I decided to draw up a pattern and type instructions for the ladies who will attend.  The instructions are done, and here are photos of the appliqué work:

Iris appliqué pattern, drawn from a picture

Iris appliqué pattern, numbered

Iris appliqué traced templates

Iris appliqué traced templates

Back of numbered templates

Freezer-paper templates sorted onto the fabrics

Freezer-paper templates ironed onto fabric

Trimmed pieces

Edges starched and pressed under

Appliqué tools

Sticky bottom of Clover mini iron

Faultless Hot Iron Cleaner works its magic

In between uses, I rest the hot mini iron in a cup, because...

... the stand didn't do its job so swell.  After the hot iron sat on it for a couple of hours, the iron heated the metal part of the stand, and the hot metal melted the plastic base.  By the time I went to find the source of the burning plastic odor, the little iron was resting flat against the base, and it was a soft, gooey mess. 

Background fabric is placed on the pattern... another pattern at the side for reference while placing the pieces.

Watered-down Elmer's glue on seam allowance

Iris appliqué, all glued down

I will do a blanket stitch around all the pieces tomorrow, insert the photos into the tutorial, and print enough for the ladies at the quilting group.