My Studio

January 18, 2018

My new quilting studio -- Victoria's old room.

The new-to-me HQ18 Avanté and 12' frame Larry got me for Christmas.

Suncatcher Hester gave me for my birthday

Suncatcher that used to be my mother's

View from one of my windows

View from one of my windows

View from one of my windows -- there's Larry's pickup and camper

Decorations on bookcase from my late sister-in-law, Janice

Janice crocheted the doilies, too


Serger desk

Rug purchased for $5 at the Used Furniture Store

Postcards in these frames purchased at Hamilton Gift Store in Yellowstone National Park in 1994

Over-door spray purchased at the Goodwill for $3\

Quilling in frame and on canvas made by Hannah; she also gave me the bluebird

Quilling by Hannah

Quilling by Hannah

Needlework by my friend Ann

Bluebird on wood from Bobby and Hannah

Which one of my girls crocheted this doily?

Cutting table; picture on canvas from Andrew and Hester, taken by Hester at Rocky Mountain National Park

Picture on canvas from Andrew and Hester, taken by Hester at Rocky Mountain National Park

Eagle painting from Andrew and Hester

Now, better photos with the sunlight shining into the windows

Bernina Artista 180E

Bernina 830 Electronic Record, purchased brand new when I was 17 years old, in 1978

Hard to walk around taking pictures with big ol' cuddly 21-pound Tiger purring and doing stumbling figure eights around my feet

Nightstand purchased for $10 at a garage sale

May 22, 2010

Larry is fixing up the south side of the basement as my quilting studio.  Here he is, putting up the knotty pine wall covering, shortly after I got my HQ16.

Wow, this is one big machine.  At least, it sure looks big to me!

This is my very first little practice quilt.  Since it's red, white, and blue, I put a stars-and-ship's-wheel pantograph on it, and gave it to a friend whose birthday is on the Fourth of July for a picnic quilt, after adding a prairie-point edge to it.  The prairie-point edge will hopefully attract people's attention so that they won't look closely at the quilting.  :-O

One wall done!  It's an ongoing process -- and has been interrupted by work on the upper-story addition.  But... little by little...

Second quilt on the frame:


  1. Your new studio is so light and airy! I really love it and you must love the natural light as well as the amazing view! I am tickled for you! Hugs, Deb Quiltbeeme and Our Time to Quilt

    1. Thank you, Deb! Yes, indeedy, I really do love my new quilting studio. 😍