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May 22, 2010

Larry is fixing up the south side of the basement as my quilting studio.  Here he is, putting up the knotty pine wall covering, shortly after I got my HQ16.

Wow, this is one big machine.  At least, it sure looks big to me!

This is my very first little practice quilt.  Since it's red, white, and blue, I put a stars-and-ship's-wheel pantograph on it, and gave it to a friend whose birthday is on the Fourth of July for a picnic quilt, after adding a prairie-point edge to it.  The prairie-point edge will hopefully attract people's attention so that they won't look closely at the quilting.  :-O

One wall done!  It's an ongoing process -- and has been interrupted by work on the upper-story addition.  But... little by little...

Second quilt on the frame:

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