Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Another Row, Cross-Stitched Block Quilt

After many hours of quilting, I am alllllmost to the fourth row.  I've gone through three big bobbins full of 60-weight thread.

I keep looking at my printed page from EQ7 to see how far I am...  Good grief, there are still six rows to go!  Gotta quilt faster... gotta quilt faster....

Friday, July 17, 2015

Secondary Pattern, Cross-Stitch Block Quilt

I was just rolling the quilt forward to start quilting a new row when I noticed:  those printed lines I've been following on the cross-stitch blocks are creating a secondary pattern!  I thought I foiled that possibility with the sashing.  But there it is.

I would've kept going, but I ran out of bobbin thread, and it seemed like a monumental job to refill the bobbin, brush out the bobbin race, apply a drop of oil, and get back to business.  When a simple task seems big and difficult to cope with, it's time to quit for the night.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Quilting around the Cross-Stitching

I got a row of cross-stitched blocks quilted today.  I decided to follow the printed quilting lines on these blocks, keeping it simple so as not to compete with the cross-stitching.  I'll keep the more detailed quilting to the plain blocks around the outer edge.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Half Squares, Cross-Stitched Block Quilt

Part of the first row of half squares is done.  Ignore the markings; I used Crayola's fine-line washable markers -- they'll come out when I wash it.  It will need to be washed anyway, to get out the printed dots on the cross-stitched blocks, and a few old spots.  I tried out my new Pilot FriXion pens, too.  I think I like the FriXions best.  We'll see how the marks come out in the wash!

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Quilting the Cross-Stitched Block Quilt

This is the quilt I am making for my brother Loren, whose 77th birthday is August 9.  His late wife, Janice, cross-stitched the blocks.  She gave them to me a few months before she passed away a little over a year ago.

This type of quilting takes a while.  Let's hope I can get it done in time for Loren's birthday!  I have one extra block, which I will make into a pillow.  If I run out of time, I'll save the pillow for Loren for Christmas.

I took a break from quilting and used my sewing/embroidery machine to make a label for the Sailboat Mosaic quilt.  We'll give it to Bobby tomorrow night; his 35th birthday is Monday.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Home From the Fair ------

-----------and here's the best shot of all:

Here’s what I got at the county fair:

1)                   Graceful Garden Quilt – blue ribbon, Best in County, State Fair Choice 
2)                   Arrow-Crown Apron – blue ribbon
3)                   Scissors Case – blue ribbon
4)                   Pincushion – red ribbon (second place)
5)                   Needlekeep – blue ribbon
6)                   Cathedral Windows Pillow – blue ribbon, Country Piecemakers Quilt Guild Award, Best Quilted Non-Quilt item
7)                   Kitties Mug Rug – blue ribbon
8)                   World Map Placemat – blue ribbon
9)                   Braided Star Table Topper – blue ribbon
10)              Hannah’s Doily – blue ribbon

Now I have to figure out how to enter stuff in the State Fair, find out when it is, etc.  I’ll have special papers for the quilt; as it’s won Best in County, it will be in a special division.  Oh, the rigors of fame! 

<guffaws from the peanut gallery>

Pictures from the fair:

Lionhead Bunny

Giant French Lop Rabbit

French Lop

The Stables

Is ewe singin' lullabies to you's lambie?


World Globe placemat I made for Nathanael

Kitty mug rug I made for Janice

Braided Star table topper for John H. & Lura Kay.
Too bad they had to have most of the items all folded up.

Doily Hannah made for me

Scissors case and needlekeep I made for Hannah.

Apron I made for Norma.  They folded it pretty side in!  :-\

Fairy garden

The Exhibit Hall

Mini Apple Rose Pie

Fairy Garden

Cathedral Windows pillow I made for Norma.  Blue ribbon, Country Piecemakers Quilt Guild Award, Best Quilted non-quilt item.

Lego house made by Sean Anderson.  Put anything other than a quarter in the slot; it doesn't recognize it.  A quarter, however, makes it open and yield an Oreo cookie!

The lavender ruffles are in the skirt part of a dress made by my friend Leanne, for which she got a Grand Champion ribbon.

Graceful Garden quilt I made for Andrew and Hester.  Grand Champion ribbon -- Best of County, State Fair Choice.

Biscornu pincushion I made for Hannah.  Probably got a red ribbon because it was labeled 'bean bag'.  :-D  

Online quilting friend Carol -- first time we've met.

Grand Champion winners.  5th in line, Sean Anderson.  I am second from the right; Leanne Brinkman (Sean's grandmother) is on the right.

See ribbons from the fair here:  Fair Ribbons