Friday, December 22, 2006

Hester's Forest and Maroon Quilt and Pillows

I originally sewed these 16-patch blocks together planning to make large potholders for gifts for Christmas:

But they were so pretty together, they just didn't want to be separated!  So I put them together as a queen-sized quilt for Hester.  This was taken August 5th:

Thought I'd try out somebody's method of lopping part of the quilt up over my shoulder as I quilted in my itty-bitty office.  But Victoria came along about then, and of course I had to entertain her.

Quilt attack!

Yeah, Victoria has the camera, and is every bit as snaphappy as I am.  😅

Round pillow:

Hester with her ruffled pillows, taken Christmas Eve:

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Ethan's Kite Blanket

I had a bit of that soft Egyptian cotton left, and some of the silky polyester, too.  Sooo... I made Ethan a blanket.