Thursday, February 21, 2013

More Quilting, Graceful Garden Quilt

Another row done... and the last time I rolled the quilt forward, the inner border made of one-inch squares made its appearance!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Template, and More Quilting

This afternoon I asked Larry if he knew of anything I could use as a template for scallops on one of the sashes.  He didn’t, and went back to his business of working on our addition.  Or so I thought. 

But it wasn't long before he brought me a template, exactly the right size:  the oval hitch plug that used to be on one of Caleb’s vehicles!  The prongs that held it in the receiver hitch make perfect handles.  He used his dremel to give one end the correct slightly-oval shape I needed (I had given him a paper template); the other end is more of a pointed oval, and will work for other things. 

So now I’m quilting on an HQ16, using a Morrissey Ford ruler template. 

Friday, February 15, 2013

Quilting Graceful Garden Quilt, First Row

Let the quilting begin!

I have new Railz (grooved track and wheel system), new HQ microhandles, and new Red Snappers (clamps that hold quilt to leader, eliminating the need for pins).  The HandiQuilter 16 is cleaned and oiled, and threaded with the new thread -- Superior's King Tut 40-wt. variegated Sands of Time color, with 60-wt. cream-colored Bottom Line in the bobbin.  Tension and timing look perfect.

Now, if I could just quilt perfectly, everything would be fine and dandy.  Some ladies are absolute artists with FM (Free Motion).  I instead do FYM (Free Yikes Motion) (very suitable phrase learned from a lady on an online quilting group).  Free Motion is like drawing, and I never could draw worth a hoot.  I was the little girl in art class about whose drawings everyone wondered, Hmmmm, is that a giraffe, or a pig? 

Soooo... I follow pantographs with my laser light or use rulers.  Here's the first row and a half.