Thursday, November 22, 2007

Flannel Log Cabin Throw

Made with the leftovers from the big flannel log cabin quilt.  I planned to give it away for Christmas... but Larry liked it so much and was so sad about it, I changed my mind, and when it was done, I crept into the living room and covered him with it as he slept.  (It's too small for him... but he likes it anyway.)

Printed Panel Quilt for Baby Lyle

This blanket for Baby Lyle is ‘cheat cloth’, with a teddy bear design printed on the fabric, so that there is no piecing.  It didn't take long before I was putting the ‘sandwich’ together.  I bought some fabric for the wide, mitered, blue-check binding at our LQS, Sew What, and had an enjoyable visit with my old school friend, Jo, who owns the place.  I used Hester’s sewing machine, on the kitchen table, hoping to get it running better for her (and then she’ll leave it sit idle for another 20 years, don’t you know, and it’ll freeze up just as bad or worse than it was this time).