Saturday, February 20, 2010

Norma's Panel Throw

The back that I wanted to use was a bit smaller than the printed panel top -- but I couldn't cut the top smaller without messing up the design.  Sooo... I did the unthinkable:

I sewed the binding onto the top first, then pulled it around far enough to cover the edge of the backing, and sewed it down by hand.  I never do that.  But I did.  The back of the binding is therefore twice as wide as the binding on the top.  Makes people stare and ask, "How'd you do that??"  ;-)

Furthermore, I used my magnifier and light floor stand, and thereby wound up taking the teeniest, tiniest stitches ever.  (It was an accident.  I didn't know they were that small -- the magnifier was pulling a trick on me!)  Even Norma was impressed -- and she sews exquisitely by hand!

I quilted it on every printed line and around each of the big flower designs, the better to make it look less like cheat cloth and more like an actual pieced quilt.  The batting has enough loft that it's almost believable.  Almost.