Friday, January 10, 2014

Over One-Sixth Done with Mosaic Top

I’m one row past the center mark on the Mosaic Lighthouse quilt – that is, of the main center columns, working from top to bottom. So I’ve put in place 81 rows and 44 columns of 1” squares – 3,564 squares. This means I am a little more than 1/6 done with the mosaic/postage stamp part of the quilt. It also means I underestimated the total number of 1” squares I will need – by half! The entire main central column will take 7,040 squares. The two side columns will each be 38” x 160”. The total number of 1” squares will be 19,200, rather than 9,600.  I had accounted for the ¼” seams vertically, but not horizontally.  I forgot that the sewn size will not only be half as wide, finished, but also half as long. 

I will do the top in three sections, then put them together when the seaming is finished.

In the cross-stitched version, the lighthouse, the keeper’s house, the fence, and the cobblestone lane are outlined with embroidery floss.  If this fabric version looks like a mishmash of colors all thrown together, I may need to do . . . something to better define those structures.  The seams themselves will help; but I may pull off a few squares and replace them with more contrasting colors.

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