Thursday, January 2, 2014

First Section of Mosaic Lighthouse Quilt

Not quite a couple of weeks ago, on December 21, I started cutting one-inch squares for this quilt.  A few thousand squares are cut, and 1,100 are in place and ironed to the gridded, fusible, light-weight Pellon.  That fills an area 44" x 25".  This correlates to a 4" x 2.25" section of the cross-stitch diagram.  The entire diagram is 18.5" x 14.25".  This means {counting on fingers and toes} that if I used the entire diagram, I would wind up with a grid of approximately 204" x 158".  After the horizontal and vertical seams are sewn, the grid would be exactly half of that -- 102" x 79".

Since that would look funny on a queen-sized bed, I will keep this mosaic part of the quilt only the size of the mattress top, so the width should be 60" -- 120" of grid.  Therefore, it needs to be 76" wider (unfinished) than it is right now.  So I will be adding a width of gridded Pellon (it's 44" wide; I'll fill 38" of each width) to each side of the center piece I am working on now.  The borders will be about 18" wide.  I have a number of lighthouse and nautical patterns I plan to use for that.

Here is what's done so far.  It's mostly sky, with a portion of the lighthouse dome.  Yes, that sky looks sort of ... greenish.  Let's hope the rest of it will blue it up some! 
If it doesn't, well... we'll just pretend there's a tornado in the forecast, I guess.

It looks good in the printed picture, though; so I'll keep following it.

And here is the cross-stitch diagram.  The yellow part is the section that is done.

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