Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Puppy Fleece Blanket for Baby Grant

Wouldn't you know, the fleece I really liked -- this soft, soft, furry puppy-printed red -- was the sort that frays and runs and ravels and sheds.  So clipping and tying the edges was out.  Instead, I sewed right sides together, then turned it.  After stitching the hole shut, I top-stitched about an inch from the edge to give the appearance of a binding.

The red fabric was very stretchy; the white, not so much.  So I was very glad for the adjustable-pressure presser foot.  It took only 30 minutes to make this... but if I hadn't've had a large quilt on the frame, I would have done a large meander with the HQ16 to hold it all together.  It's 60" x 60".  Maybe later... though I already gave the blanket to Baby Grant.

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