Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Backing for Graceful Garden Quilt

The backing is now sewn together -- three 120" lengths of 44"-wide fabric.
So the back measures 120" long by 132" wide.  That's exactly 10 yards of fabric.

It's not especially Jacobean, but then neither are the colors I chose for this quilt.
I like it better than true Jacobean, to tell the truth.

Next on the agenda is to put pockets into the leaders on my quilt frame so that
I can slip the Red Snapper dowels into them, and then fasten quilt to leader with
the Red Snapper clamps.  I haven't even pulled the Red Snappers from
the package yet!

I just purchased one more thing that should make the quilting of this big quilt
easier:  Microhandles!  A lady was selling them for $200 -- they regularly
sell for $300 -- and they're still brand new; she hadn't used them.  These will
help me with the echo quilting around the appliqués, and all sorts of other
intricate work.

Earlier today, I received a post saying that my quilting thread -- King Tut, in a
variegated color called Sands of Time -- has been shipped.  The Bottom Line
thread for the bobbin is in Cream.

And -- a friend from an online quilting group is sending me Tuscany wool batting
-- an exceptional quality of batting -- in exchange for custom quilting
on a quilt she made.  I'm anxious to begin!

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