Saturday, February 2, 2013

Graceful Garden Quilt Top is DONE!

The last three borders have been put on the quilt!

There was a moment of great dismay last week when I looked up the rules for the quilting show I hope to enter and discovered that the width limit is 110".  I thought I had already passed that -- or at least would pass it when I applied the borders.  I was relieved to realize that it was the length that was 109.5"; the width, without the last three borders, was at 101.5".

I trimmed the two inside borders a bit, sewed them all on -- and the quilt now measures exactly 110" in width.  Whew.  The quilting will doubtless shrink it just a tad; then I won't have to worry about it coming in at slightly more than the limit will allow when I put on the binding.

As mentioned previously, this is a queen-sized quilt on a king-sized bed, so that inner border lands 16" inside the mattress edge.  Someday when the weather is nice, I will take a photo of it outside on the deck.  And I will take a picture of it on a queen-sized bed, too.  Meanwhile, this is the best I can do.

It has taken 711 ½ hours to get to this point.

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