Thursday, November 10, 2016

Top Lace Border of Customer's Quilt is Done

The first border of lace on my customer's quilt is quilted.  The lace looks shiny because it is covered with Sulky Solvy (water-soluble stabilizer) to keep the hopping foot on my longarm from getting caught in it.  I'll remove the Solvy when the quilting is finished.

The batting is very thick, and the hopping foot wants to follow the ridges.  I have to press down a bit on the quilt as I'm quilting it, in order to keep everything in place.  This leaves me to guide the machine with only one hand, and that's a bit tricky, what with the thickness of the quilt.  Thus, my quilting is not perfect, but it's more noticeable on the muslin backing.  On the lace itself, it looks quite nice.


  1. Beautiful work. Have you tried the Glide foot? I think it would quilt over the place without getting caught up in the lace. You are an artist masquerading as a quilter (smile)

    1. No, as it's $49.95 for the foot, and I would also have to purchase the foot conversion kit, which is $99.95. I don't want to sink that much into a 2005 HQ16. The Solvy is doing the job -- and I got it cheap.

      And thank you! :-)