Saturday, November 12, 2016

Quilting the Lace Quilt

I've made two more passes with the longarm on my customer's lace quilt.  It took two passes to complete the large design I put together, as the design is 23" square.  I'm having some trouble getting top and back pulled tight enough to avoid puckers and tucks, as the thickness and density of the batting keeps it from stretching at all, while the fabric, which looks a bit like raw linen with some percentage of rayon in it, has more give to it.

There are a few little tucks that I'll fix after the quilt is finished.  Meanwhile, here's what has been accomplished today:

Top part of the square

Another lace square along the side

Tiger found a corner to curl up in nearby

Bottom part of the square -- I had to complete the top half and then roll the quilt forward to quilt the bottom half.

The lace along the quilting design is the start of the central section.  You can see the entire quilt before I ironed it and put it on my frame here.

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