Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Stippling Added to the French Lace Quilt

The major designs are all on the quilt now.  Not being happy with the excess fullness in the linen areas, I tried a bit of stippling around the large feathers and flowers.  It worked really well, made the feathering show up better, and took out the excess nicely.  (I forgot to remove the blue marking before I took the photo; but it comes out easily.)

I like it now.  If my customer likes it, I’ll get on with it, and could have it done by tomorrow night.  

I'd have an easier time if Tiger wasn't entwining himself around my ankles.  

I can't imagine why he won't move.  (...scratching his neck, just to hear him purr...)  ;-)

Here he is, right at my feet.

Oops, the camera noise disturbed him.

"Whaaa---  Oh, it's just you."

Back to sleep again.  And he's grinning, isn't he?!
Boy, oh boy, he's fat.  We should've named him 'Punkin'.

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