Friday, August 14, 2015

Loren with His Quilt

Friends have requested a picture of my brother with the quilt I made for him.  So... here you are:

He seemed pleased that I asked for a picture... (though he thought he needed to clean his room, which is generally already nice and clean)...

And he showed me how he made sure the label wound up at the right corner, so he can easily show it to visitors.  He's really happy about this quilt... and I'm every bit as happy, I do believe.  :-)


  1. Oh my, you both have the same eyes, the same smile and the same attention to detail. Love it.

  2. You can tell he is THRILLED with the quilt!

  3. Oh, Thank you for sharing the photos of your brother with his quilt. It is so wonderful for him to have something his wife embroidered like this. Gorgeous quilt.