Monday, March 23, 2015

The Mosaic Sailboat is the Practice Quilt ... for this: The Mosaic Lighthouse

People are wondering... so here's a picture of the Mosaic Lighthouse Quilt.  The sailboat quilt (below) was made with leftovers from the Mosaic Lighthouse quilt, and was put together for the sole purpose of discovering whether or not my HQ16 can handle all the thicknesses of oodles of seams on lightweight, fusible, gridded Pellon, with possibly two layers of batting (maybe one wool, one polyester, for loft), and the backing.

The HQ16 is doing such a good job on the sailboat quilt, I'm getting anxious to get back to the lighthouse quilt!  The mosaic part of the lighthouse quilt is 60" x 80", so it will just fit atop a queen-sized mattress.  The hang will consist of nautical blocks all the way around.  I have not yet begun the nautical blocks.  When the quilting is done, I will do embroidery on this quilt to better define the lighthouse and keeper's house.

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