Friday, March 27, 2015

Mosaic Sailboat Quilt, Binding On

Late last night (early this morning, really), I finished putting the binding on the Mosaic Sailboat quilt.  I was planning to embroider the cables and rigging on it and put Swarovski crystals in the water, but I don't know that it needs it.  And -- the defining reason not to -- I have a gazillion other things to do.  ;-)  However, I may enter it in our local fair, in which case I need to put a hanging sleeve on it -- and then I just might do the embroidery and Hotfix crystals. 

The fusible Pellon under the top makes this quilt a bit stiff.  I may put tabs at the top so that it can be used as a wall hanging.

I was surprised and pleased at how well my HQ16 handled all the thicknesses of the many seams, the Pellon, batting, and backing.  There are 8,550 one-inch squares (half-inch, after sewing) in the top.


Here's the back.  I had a small delay in the quilting when I came to the bottom of the backing before I came to the bottom of the top, and had to remove the quilt from the frame, add a couple of inches to the back, and then reload the quilt onto the frame to finish the quilting.

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  1. That is beautiful! You give new meaning to the word "practice". It is a wonderful work of art. I can't wait to see the piece that isn't practice :)