Thursday, April 4, 2013

Graceful Garden Quilt, Off the Frame

I have taken the Graceful Garden quilt from the frame, trimmed it, done a little more quilting at the top (done back in the middle of February when I was merely a novice echo-quilter), and then measured for the binding.

The backing was long enough, thank goodness, but only just baaaaaaaarely. Adding to it would have been a bit tedious, because it’s a directional print with a wide repeat.  I trimmed a mere 1/8" from the bottom.
I added a wee bit of batting to an area where it had run short.  The quilting held it in place.

The binding has now been sewn to the top.  Tomorrow, I shall fold it around, pin it, and start sewing it to the back.  As of tonight, I have 925.5 hours in this quilt.  154.5 of that was spent quilting.  Compare that to 181.5 hours spent quilting the Thimbleberries Village quilt.

The bird pictured in the last three posts, by the way, is a Plumbeous Water Redstart, and can be found anywhere from Afghanistan all the way to Thailand.  

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