Thursday, March 28, 2013

Quilting Again -- Graceful Garden Quilt

I’m back in business!  Quilting business, that is.
Kevin, the HQ tech from Country Traditions in Fremont, brought my machine back Wednesday morning a little after 10:00 a.m.  He set up the machine. . . started quilting with it. . . it was working fine. . . then I told him exactly what I was doing when I had troubles with skipping stitches, so he did just what I had been doing – and sho’ ’nuff, it skipped.  He called a tech in Salt Lake City. . . had a little discussion. . .checked a few settings – and suddenly noticed a gap in the bobbin assembly where a gap shouldn’t be.  He investigated. . . and then came to the same conclusion Larry had come to when I first started having troubles:  the bobbin assembly needed to be replaced.
 He replaced it. . . worked for a bit to get tension top and bottom just right. . . I tried it out. . . perfect.  It sews perfectly.  Smoother and nicer than it has ever sewn since I got it.
 So, for a measly (?!) little (?!) $300 (!!!), I’m back in business.  $217 for the bobbin assembly; the rest for labor and gas.  Kevin had given it a thorough take-apart and once-over while it was in his store, oiling and tightening and servicing everything.  And boy, oh, boy, can I ever tell it.  Everything is smoother – motor, movement, needle bar, everything.  While the machine was down for the count, I got all the coordinating pillows done, and all our Easter sewing besides.  I am ready to quilt!!  I quilted for six hours yesterday and eight hours today, giving it a thorough workout with echo stitching, free-motion quilting, laser-light following pantograph, and ruler work.  Not one skipped stitch.  Not one.  Not one!  And the tension is perfect, too, top and bottom.  I’m so happy! 

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