Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Over a Third of the Graceful Garden Quilt Top is Quilted

Since Saturday, I've had a bit of trouble with my machine skipping stitches.  I tried all the usual remedies to no avail (new needle, rethread, clean, oil, check tension, loosen quilt, etc.).  Larry took apart the bobbin assembly, thoroughly cleaned and oiled it, put it back together, and reset the timing. 

That helped, but hasn't entirely eliminated the problem.  I can usually avoid the issue until I'm using a ruler and moving the machine in a northwesterly direction (away from me and to the left).

Yesterday I ordered some special needles from Mike Gilomen, owner of The Machine Shop in Highland, Illinois.  These are supposed to reduce skipped stitches.  Mike sent me one of those needles last year, gratis, and it did help. 

I just checked the USPS Track & Confirm page, and I see that the needles made it to the Hazelwood, Missouri, USPS Sort Facility at 10:25 p.m. this evening.  Scheduled arrival:  March 8, 2013.  March 8?!  That's three more days!  I could drive there in 7 hours and 20 minutes!  Bah, humbug.

Well, in the meanwhile, I shall limp along the best I can. 

Doesn't look too bad, I guess.

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