Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Finally! -- The Jewel Box Log Cabin Quilt is on the Bed!

The quilt dried, and there is only one place where a pinkish tint is still slightly visible.  (Any area that looks pinkish in the photos is actually the ivory/blush-colored wool used for the HSTs.) 

It's a winter quilt, but it's on the bed, and it's going to stay there for a while -- partly because it's a big job putting such a heavy quilt on the bed, and partly because the house is cool enough at night that this quilt is not uncomfortable.

And no, three of the walls are not yet painted, because I can't budge the furniture.  Keith and Larry moved the bed so I could paint that one wall; but after that they were no longer available for hire, rent, or volunteer work.  Actually, Larry doesn't want to waste paint when he's planning to redo those walls with half-log siding anyway. 

This room will eventually be part of the living room, after we move into our new big bedroom upstairs.  We will finally have room to turn around without bumping elbows on dressers and barking shins on bed frames. 

AND!! -- I will have room to take decent pictures of quilts. 

Can't back far enough away from the bed, in this room, to get a good shot.

Why do the cats always so very much love the new quilts?


Pure bliss.

New rug

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