Friday, May 18, 2012

Appliqué Pieces

I have just spent 9 hours doing nothing more than tracing appliqué pieces onto freezer paper, ironing the freezer paper onto yet another piece of freezer paper, carefully cutting each piece, then ironing the pieces onto fabric.  Next, I cut the fabric, adding a fourth-inch to each freezer-paper template, and then, after 'painting' the quarter-inch seam allowance with starch on a stencil paintbrush, I ironed it around the freezer paper, using a Stuff-It tool my sister gave me to turn up and hold the narrow edges.

There are about 75 appliqué pieces for the first quilt block.  They're ready to put in place and stitch down.  I will use a very narrow hem stitch on my Bernina Artista 180 to put them on.  I might even have some invisible thread.
I could have had more done by now, had I not been mending and altering things yesterday.  Getting these appliqués ready was slow and tedious work, but I enjoyed it.  Good thing, because there's a whole lot more to do!

These are ready to put in their proper order.  Hmmm...  what shall I use for a light box, so I can lay the pattern down, put the 17" quilt-block square on top of it, and then get the appliqué pieces positioned just right on the background?


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