Thursday, March 22, 2012

Ugly Quilt Back

The quilt back is done and ready to be loaded onto the frame.  And what a back it is! Ugliest back in history. Unless you squint just right, and use your imagination, and say in an encouraging tone, “Why, ain’t that purty, yup, yup, purty as a country quilt-back can be.”

(No, I couldn't match the plaid in the brown plaid; there wasn't enough fabric.)

I tried to use really soft wools and corduroys and velveteens for the back. There’s a piece of velour thrown in for good measure. But there are one or two wooly pieces that have a back on them that look and feel like doubleknit. If anybody knows the official name of this fabric, I’d love to know, too. It’s thick and soft, and came out of the washer and dryer looking like new.  But ugly.

Ah, well. If you consider that my goals were a) to make Larry a warm quilt, as requested, b) to use up fabrics I already had – wools, corduroys, velvets, velours, and velveteens, to be precise (and there’s even a piece of plaid doubleknit that jumped in when I wasn't looking), c) to make it soft and warm (and big), d) to have something other than wool on the back nearest the edges, where it might touch our faces, and e) to make the quilt top as pretty as possible with these particular fabrics, then I guess I’ve been successful. Now, if I can just get it quilted without too many puckers (the velour stretches worse than the wools), I’ll be happy. I’m not going to put any batting in it; it’s heavy enough already. Hope I don’t regret that.

Here is the fabric of unknown lineage.  The plaid feels sort of like upholstery, but is very soft on top.  The beige/tan solid feels like wool on top, doubleknit on the back.

Anybody know what these are?

The color of the velveteen fabric I used for the final border changes greatly depending on the lighting.  In my storage room, peering into the bins, I thought it was a black/charcoal.  In my sewing room, cutting it, it still looked black/charcoal.  When it was cut, I carried it out to the marble table on which my Bernina Artista 180 sits under a bright spotlight-type light -- and, lo and behold, it looked burgundy!  I was quite surprised.  After sewing it and taking it out to the quilting frame, in the more natural light from the patio doors and window it looks dark burgundy/purple.  See it here with and without a flash.  The velveteen is on the left, then a strip of velour, then the wool(?) with the doubleknit back.

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