Thursday, March 1, 2012

First Set of Six Blocks

The first set of 6 blocks are done.  There will be 6 sets, each different.  There are 36 blocks in all.  The like blocks will not be adjacent to each other, as they are in this photo, but will run diagonally.  Each finished block will measure 14".

Later, also March 01, 2012:

Six more blocks are done.
My design wall -- er, floor -- isn't big enough!

Wool and velour are stretchy, did you know that?!

Furthermore, if you inadvertently try to iron velour at the same temperature you are ironing the wool, it sticks to the iron; and after that, the iron sticks to everything. Also, some of the wool evidently has polyester in it, and it’s sticking, too.

I have a tube of Hot Iron Cleaner in the pocket that hangs from my ironing board, along with a cloth. Works great. And I’m keeping the Faultless Starch Company in business! heh

The edges of the velour curl. . . the wider-waled corduroy crawls this way and that. . . the four-patch squares wound up bigger than the HST squares when they should be the same size. . .

I put the wrong color in the corners of three blocks. . .

But other than that, everything’s peaches and cream!

Now, where’d that new seam ripper go?

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