Friday, May 3, 2013

Schoolhouse Quilt Finished

I'm all done!  As it turns out, the quilting looks so good that I'm sorry I didn't take the blocks apart and redo them.  I redid the worst ones and left the others -- so now of course the ones I left are the worst.  How in the world can a company stay in business, when they publish such inaccurate patterns?  Hmmm... maybe they're not in business anymore.

Just remember, when looking at this quilt, whatever is wrong with it --
wasn't my fault.  heh

Most of it was done free-motion, which is new and different for me.  It's not perfect, but I was getting better as I went along, and I am very pleased that I am finally able to do feathering without resorting to pantograph and laser light.  This way is much more efficient, to say nothing of fun.

This will be for Lawrence for Father's Day.

(No, Lawrence isn't allergic to cats.  Yes, I will use the lint roller on it before I wrap it.)

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