Thursday, May 16, 2013

French Braids

The bucket skill for the month at Cyber Quilters, an online quilting group, is a piecing style called 'braids'.  I particularly like French braids, where a small square is added at the center of the strips comprising the braids.

I didn't have a pattern for braids, so I scanned through some photos online, then collected rotary cutter and shape-cutter ruler, and began cutting.  The center square was cut at 4"; finished size is 3 ½".  The narrow strips were cut at 1" x 4"; finished width is ½".  The small black squares were 1"; finished, they are ½".  The braids measure 14" x 6 ½".

I had originally thought to make a case for my binoculars, using this braided piece.  But after the first short strip was done, I changed my mind.  It was just too pretty to use as a binoculars case.

So I made three more.  I have now decided what I will make with them, but I'm not telling until tomorrow, when it'll be done or nearly done. 

Hint:  I will not put them together in the configuration shown in the photo.

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