Thursday, July 26, 2012

Fabric Origami

The online quilting group Cyber Quilters is having fabric origami, or the folding of fabric, as their bucket skill of the month.  I decided to join into the festivities and make something to match The Graceful Garden quilt.  Here is what I have done; I will finish this small project tomorrow.

First, I cut a long strip, put about three dozen quarter-inch tucks into it, ironed them, then flipped a little piece of each tuck the opposite way and fastened them down with pearls, positioning the pearls to curve in waves.

Next, I cut 22 large hexagons and 22 small hexagons, then sewed a large to a small, folding and tucking just so...  a quick press of the iron...

This gives me an interesting idea for a Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt.

Finally, I sewed two strips of 11 hexagons each, then (reluctantly) trimmed the sides.  (Next time I make these cute little hexies, I will not trim them.)

Now they are sewn to the long tucked piece, and I shall leave you to
speculate just what I might do with it next:

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