Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Third Eureka Pillow, pt. 22

Here is pillow #3, sitting on the ‘new’ marble table that I got at the Used Furniture Store.  It was a job and a half for Larry and Caleb to carry it down the hill, around the house, and into the patio door of the walkout basement.  Larry says I go in a furniture store, hunt all over the premises for the heaviest thing they have, and, as soon as I find it, that's what I buy.

Larry put down a big piece of carpet that we got from someone who listed it on Freecycle – we have enough to carpet the entire basement, I think, and it looks nearly like new.  It’s very light tan – which means it won’t look ‘nearly like new’ for long, unless I can somehow keep the booted members of the household off of it.  But it’s so thick and soft... exactly what I needed down there on that cold cement floor.

Someday, Larry will insulate and finish the walls and ceiling in knotty pine to match my sewing room (you can see the door to it in the background). 

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