Friday, October 7, 2016

Bucilla Butterfly Lap Quilt -- Beginnings

I have a Bucilla cross-stitched butterfly lap quilt that I started working on about a year ago.  I put a few dozen stitches in it -- and didn't touch it again for months, though I hauled the briefcase with stamped quilt, needlecase, hoop, and various other bits of paraphernalia all the way to Florida and back last February, never once unzipping the case.

Tonight, since there was nothing more I could do on wedding things until I get pattern and fabric from some who are still using them, and I need a few supplies before I can proceed with the Blossoms bag, I did some cross-stitching on the butterfly quilt.  I now have all the black and charcoal done on the Monarch:

I forked over a bit of money to get a hand-rubbed wooden hoop from Germany -- and it's so much nicer than any other hoop I've ever used, I'm glad I got it.

And here's what the quilt is supposed to look like when it's done, one of these days:

Image result for bucilla butterfly lap quilt
There don't seem to be any good close-up photos of this quilt anywhere on the Internet.  I'll have to remedy that!  ...   ...   ...   One of these days.

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