Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Nine-Patch Pinwheels for the Buoyant Blossoms BOM

Block of the Month for July 2016 --
Nine-Patch Pinwheels

 Included in this pattern set are templates, foundation pattern, and rotary cutting instructions.  I used foundation patterns, as the patches are a bit irregular in size – such as the square patch, which has an unfinished size of 3 ⅜”.  If you do use rotary cutting, be aware that EQ7 has slightly oversized the triangles, and you should square up each pinwheel to 3 ⅜”.  Finished size of each pinwheel or square will be 2 ⅞”.  Finished block size will be 8 ½”.

You will need 10 full blocks for the personal throw, plus 4 half-blocks on the diagonal.  For the wall hanging, you will need 4 full blocks, plus 4 half-blocks.  The half-blocks will be sewn to the corners of the Basket of Tulips center piece.  Using printed foundations pieces make it easy to make those half-blocks.

Fabric requirements for the nine-patch pinwheels for the personal throw:
Cream:               1 ½ yd.
Dark pink:          ¼ yd.
Light pink:         ¼ yd.
Dark blue:          ¼ yd.
Light blue:         ¼ yd.

Fabric requirements for the nine-patch pinwheels for the wall hanging:

Cream:                yd.
Dark pink:           yd.
Light pink:          yd.
Dark blue:           yd.
Light blue:          yd.

Here is the Basket of Tulips block with the Nine-Patch Pinwheel half-blocks sewn to the corners:

Download from Scribd by clicking the down arrow at the bottom of the pdf files above, then following instructions at the Scribd website.  Below each embedded pdf is a link where you can download these files from Google Drive, if you prefer.
You may also download it from Craftsy or Etsy:

Sarah Lynn's Quilting on Craftsy

Sarah Lynn's Quilting on Etsy

Download from Google Drive:

If you'd rather use templates:

Download from Google Drive:

If you'd rather use a rotary cutter:

Nine-Patch Pinwheel Blocks Rotary Cutting

Download from Google Drive:

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