Friday, April 8, 2016

Vintage Lost Quilt Found!

I just found the quilt my mother gave me about 20 years ago, one that was made for her as a wedding gift in March of 1936.  It was given as only a ‘flimsy’ (they did that, years ago) ... and my mother had it hand-quilted by some ladies in a bee in Kansas in the early 60s.

I used it in a cute little camper Larry and I fixed up a few years ago, and after he sold the camper, I lost track of the quilt, and was so afraid it had had been forgotten in the camper.

Well, I was just collecting some things that belong to daughter Dorcas so that I can give them back to her... peeked in a lidded tote to see what was in there --- and lo and behold, there was Mama’s quilt.

The quilt is made with the Three-Dimensional Dahlia pattern.  I was so surprised to see that, when my mother gave it to me, because it was the very pattern I used for the first pieced quilt I ever made, though the petals on mine are more gathered than they are on this one.  I liked the pattern so well, I used it at least three times.

This is a special quilt; I remember Mama covering me up with it when I was little.  Then  she put it away and saved it for quite a few years, and I forgot all about it.  I was so pleased when she gave it to me one day a few years before she passed away.

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