Thursday, January 14, 2016

Customer's Blue-White Log Cabin Quilt

Yesterday I marked one of my customer's quilts, trying out my new marking tools, and then loaded it on my frame and began quilting.  Here are the new marking pencils and chalk sets I got:

As the fabric is quite busy, the Dritz quilting chalk is working best.  The Fons & Porter mechanical fabric pencil will be good for solid-colored fabric; it makes a thin, fine mark.  The Clover Chaco Liner is a nifty little thing with chalk in a cartridge above a rolling, finely-cogged wheel.  It works great for rolling along the edge of a ruler.  I got refills in several colors for each of these markers.

These are working much better than my fabric pencils that wouldn't mark well on fabric and whose lines I could hardly see.

I'm about 2/5 of the way done quilting this quilt.  The back is flannel.

Here's the border:

This is the corner:

Here's the first row: 

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