Saturday, November 21, 2015

Smocked Christmas Tree Block

I decided to upload a photo of the Christmas tree block I'm working on, just to prove I am working on it.  It will be part of a Christmas tree skirt, with the remainder still to be determined.

Having gotten out the camera, other photographic possibilities presented themselves:

Yesterday was our first snow of the season, so I took some photos of it, sparkling and white in the early morning sunlight.  Then I noticed that the Phalaenopsis orchid Loren gave me had a couple more blooms... and the house finches were on the feeder...

Front yard

Phalaenopsis orchid

Back deck

Back deck

House finch

I heard geese, looked up -- and far, far up in the sky spotted several long V's, a bit misshapen at the moment, because they were changing leaders.

A closer look reveals them to be Canada geese.

House finch

Suddenly, all the little birds flew away.  I peeked around the side of the window and found ---

--- Teensy on the deck railing.

"Who, me?"

He followed me down to my sewing room and found a comfy chair.

It's obviously a chair for cats.  Isn't it?

And finally, I got to the smocked Christmas tree photo:

I'm ready to start the ribbon embroidery and bead application.  The green fabric is metallic taffeta; the off-white is satin.  The gold thread is metallic, too.

Looks messy.  If I just keep covering up the things that aren't quite right, eventually you won't be able to see it, right?  Or at least you won't know what to look at first.  Right??


  1. The back deck with the snow pattern looks like a "modern" quilt pattern!

    The Christmas tree is going to be BEAUTIFUL!

    1. Thanks, Dottie!

      I've thought that about the back deck, too. :-) Larry didn't really want to take the time to do that when he was building the deck, but I begged, flattered, and begged some more, so he did it -- and now he's quite proud of his handiwork. :-)