Saturday, June 27, 2015

New Fabric

Thursday, I went for a drive through central and northeast Nebraska, stopping at eight different quilt shops along the way to pick up the free row-by-row patterns they are offering.  I took my camera along and snapped a number of photos of the countryside, which you can see here:  Quilt Shop Excursion

I bought a few pieces of fabric, most of which will be for gifts:

13 pieces of fabric

♫ ♪ Amazing Grace panel ♪ ♫

Amazing Grace coordinates

Children's panel

Backing for children's panel

Horses, with coordinating clouds and grass fabrics

Dogs and coordinating paw print fabric

Snowy owls


  1. lots of creative work goes into panels, Sarah Lynn. That should be right up your alley and that new fabric just smells so good, doesn't it.?

    1. It does! Reminds me, somehow, of how all my new school supplies used to smell. I loved getting new school supplies. :-)