Thursday, May 7, 2015

Border on Cross-Stitch-Block Quilt

The border is on the cross-stitch-block quilt, and the binding is cut.  The quilt now measures 105" x 131", bigger than I'd expected.

Here it is, sprawled on my cutting table.  The dusty green binding is at the right.


  1. That blue is a great choice! So anxious to see how you quilt this one.

    1. As the blocks are 15.5" and on point, I'll be a-wishing for a 26" longarm, so as not to have to roll forward in the middle of the block! Mine is the HQ16, and I have only about 13" of actual quilting space. Guess I'll do what Irena Bluhm says: "When you can't think what to do, just do.... *something*!" :-)