Thursday, September 20, 2012

Five Embroidered Blocks

Here I am on our back deck on a beautiful early-autumn day, embroidering away.  Teensy is in the chair to my right, Kitty is at my feet on the warm knotty pine of the deckand Tabby is behind my chair; all are sleeping blissfully in the warm sun.

Katydids and birds are chirping and tweeting, though the birdsongs are not the lovely warbling of the springtime, but the calls and whistles of birds either caring for the last fledglings of the year, or of other birds congregating in preparation for their long migration south.

I have a brand-spankin’-new coffee mug (‘Bubba’ brand, haha) that is supposed to keep hot things hot for 8 hours, and cold things cold for 24 hours. So I put ice cream in first, down at the bottom, and topped it off with soup at the top. The complete lunch. This otter be goooood!

<pause. . . >

Actually, it’s full of steaming hot French caramel crème coffee.

The embroidery on five more blocks is complete.

Magnolia Branch #3

Dahlia block #1

Hydrangea blocks #2, #3, and #4

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