Buoyant Blossoms BOM

Finally, the final installment!  This is for the sashings and borders of the Buoyant Blossoms large personal throw.  The pattern will be free for one month.

Here is the link to Google Drive:
Buoyant Blossoms Borders & Sashings

Link to the pattern at my Craftsy store:
Buoyant Blossoms Borders, Craftsy

Link to the pattern on Etsy (20¢ is the lowest they allow any listing):
Buoyant Blossoms Borders, Etsy

I hope you send me photos of your blocks and quilt!  Here is my email address:

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Pansy Appliqué Block

for the Buoyant Blossoms Quilt

Block of the Month

December 2016

This is the last flower block!

Here it is, quilted:

You can download the pdf pattern file from Google Drive:

You may also download it from Craftsy or Etsy:

Finished size for the wall hanging will be approximately 53" x 53", and finished size for the larger quilt will be 60.5" x 78.5".

Past Buoyant Blossoms BOMs:

Gladiolus Appliqué Block

Blue Lotus Appliqué Block

Lily Appliqué Block

Quarter Dresden Plate Corners

Borders for the wall hanging

An alternative for the corners:

Nine-Patch Pinwheel Blocks

Basket of Tulips Centerpiece

Poppy Appliqué Block

Daffodil Appliqué Block

Pink Lily-of-the-Valley Appliqué Block

Columbine Appliqué Block

Iris Appliqué Block

Rose Appliqué Block

Purple Coneflower Appliqué Block

Gaillardia Appliqué Block

You may purchase the patterns for each of these at my Craftsy store:

Sarah Lynn's Quilting on Craftsy

They are also available on Etsy:

Sarah Lynn's Quilting on Etsy


  1. I just found you on Cyberquilters Yahoo Group!
    Love your 2 blocks for Buoyant Blossoms. Have I missed any? How to I subscribe??? I don't know anything about or have the selections you offer for subscribing.

    1. Glad you like the flower appliqué blocks! No, you haven’t missed any; I’ve only offered the two patterns, irises and roses, so far.

      To subscribe to my posts:
      On the sidebar, under ‘Subscribe To’, click the down arrow next to ‘Posts’, then choose an option such as 'My Yahoo’, and follow the instructions.

      Or, farther down the sidebar, there are options to ‘Follow by Email’ – just type in your email address and click Submit, then follow the instructions in the pop-up box, after which you will get a notice to verify your address.

      I will also send a notice to CyberQuilters, BackPorchFriends, and TheNewQuiltTalk when I upload a pattern each month. :-)

  2. Hola me encantaría hacer una flor cada mes

  3. OMG how have I missed your BOM? This semester has been a living nightmare and I've barely glanced at my messages. I am so sorry to have missed the roses, but I do love, love the coneflowers. And you were kind enough to send me your iris pattern some time ago (before all the craziness). Beautiful, beautiful

  4. I don't understand how to do anything on this site,. I bought the roses and cant download it. Now I cant send this message without using anonymous. ????????????? What do I do now?

    1. You should now be able to return to this page -- https://www.scribd.com/doc/292044588/Roses-Applique -- and download your copy of photo and pattern. Try refreshing the page, if you can't see the download button. If that doesn't work, please send an email to sarahlynn.jackson2@gmail.com from your personal email, so that I can write back to you personally.

      Sorry it's a trouble! I will soon post the patterns on Etsy, too. Some people are more accustomed to Etsy than to Scribd.

    2. One more suggestion: sign in to Google or WordPress (or whatever you use) so that you can comment as someone other than 'Anonymous'. :-D Hope to hear from you soon, so you can get your pattern!

  5. Hi am New here and would love to get the roses pattern.Thanks Denise

    1. Thank you, Denise! You can find the patterns here: http://www.craftsy.com/user/7806497/pattern-store
      If the link doesn't work, click the coneflower thumbnail at the top of the page on the right.

  6. is there a photo of what the quilt will look like. im goin to a quilt show and would like to purchase some batiks that I need.

    1. Not yet! I will be drawing up diagrams for various sizes soon. :-)

  7. every month I have one heck of a time trying to get this pattern. can you please tell me how to download. this pattern. tx.

    1. If you can't click the down arrow at the bottom of the embedded pdf above and download from Scribd, you can download from my craftsy store:

      Just above this comment section are links to both Craftsy and Etsy.

  8. Thanks a lot for sharing this beautiful patterns.

    Hugs Dikkie

  9. i just love doin this bom. I am tired of doin the traditional blocks of bom. this is just beautiful. thank you

  10. I was a little dissapointed when I downloaded the free quilt pattern and did not get what was shown on the quilt,it is better not to give free patterns if they are not complete.

    1. This is a BOM (Block of the Month) quilt that has been going on for a year and a half. Perhaps you are not familiar with BOMs. Each month a new block is posted. Some are free; some are for sale. Mine remained free for a month.

      This last installment of sashings and borders completes the series, and the title at each of the download sites clearly states that this is for sashings and borders.
      And since this completes the quilt, I appropriately posted a photo of the finished quilt.
      If you don't wish to purchase the previous BOMs, you can use the sashing measurements you have downloaded to go between 8.5" blocks, until you have a center layout of 44.5" x 62.5", at which point you can add the five borders included in your free pattern.

      All patterns for the Buoyant Blossom quilt are available at my Craftsy and Etsy stores. Links are in the top right margin of this page.

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